Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA
Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA

October 2018 Yanks Air Museum at Chino Airport

The ride was pushed back one week due to rain. The rescheduled ride only saw 3 bikes show. It was a real nice local ride (never more than 50 miles from home base TMS) around 170 miles. Yanks air museum was well worth the admission, great 
Inventory of planes and information. Art knew a ton of info on the planes and even learned a lot of new things. We were there for 2 1/2 hours. We ate lunch at Flo's airport cafe. I'd give it a 5!. Although Art was a little disappointed with his TURKEY rueben. From Flo's we made our way into O.C. to Cooks corner. Cooks wasn't very busy and had a good band playing classic rock. From there it was Ortega hwy (always a nice ride) to home. 

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