Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA
Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA

September 2018 Malibu Canyons

The September ride through the Malibu canyons, Ojai, and Mt. Pinos was a success. We had 7 bikes, decent weather, great roads, and a good time. We road between the PCH and the mountains above Malibu through 6 different canyons.  Near the PCH the temps were in the 70's (very nice) and up in the mountains it was near 100 (not as nice). We stayed at the Vagabond motel in Oxnard, Where chapter 230 happened to be staying. We had a nice time visiting with them. As we were hanging out by the pool there was a local lady that tried to join us, but Tony made her go away. Thanks, Tony. Dinner was at a nice Chinese restaurant that was near the hotel. The next day we rode CA 150 to Ojai, and then CA 33 and Lockwood Valley Rd to Lake of the Woods. From there we made a little side trip up Mt Pinos as far as the road was paved, and then back to Lake of the Woods. This was an excellent mountain road. We stopped in Lebec for gas and Mexican food before getting on I-5 and taking the freeways home.

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