Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA
Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA

Idyllwild & Palm Springs

April 2016

The weather today couldn't have been more perfect as we rode around Mt San Jacinto!  We rode down the 79 to 371 to our first rest stop at the casino gas station in Anza. Then on to the 74 where we rode over the mountain and down to Palm Desert with a stop at the overlook on the way down the mountain.  The morning air was cool at the higher elevation, but it was downright pleasant in the low desert. What a treat! After a fuel stop in Palm Springs we took I-10 to Banning. Then it was back up the mountain on 243 to Idyllwild. Butler Maps rates this as a yellow road, one of the best motorcycling roads in So. Cal. They got it right.  We stopped for lunch at Jo'An in Idyllwild and then took the 74 back down the mountain to Hemet and TMS.  Great ride.  Thanks to DJ and Jack for putting this together.

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