Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA
Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA

Hand Signals

We use hand signals to communicate within the group.  When the Road Captain gives a signal, each rider behind him/her  repeats the signal in turn until it reaches the Tail Gunner.

Left Turn / Rear Fill Left

Signal:  The left arm is extended straight out.

Meaning: If the group is in the left most lane, prepare to turn left.

Alternate Meaning: If there is a lane to the left, prepare to perform a rear fill lane change to the left.

Right Turn / Rear Fill Right

Signal: The left arm is brought to the square.

Meaning: If the group is in the right most lane, prepare to turn right.

Alternate Meaning: If there a lane to the right, prepare to perfrom a rear fill lane change to the right.

Single File

Signal: The left index finger is lifted high above the head.

Meaning: Establish a single file formation.  You may ride in any portion of you lane. 

Staggered Formation / Take both lanes

Signal: The left index and pinkie fingers are lifted above the head and the arm is waved back and forth.

Meaning: If the group is in single file formation, move to a staggered formation.

Alternate Meaning: If the group is already in staggered formation, take both lanes.  We do this when the lanes will be merging together so we prevent cars from getting between the bikes.  The bikes in the right track take the right lane and the bikes in the left track take the left lane.  When the lanes merge, we merge back to a normal staggered formation.

*Tap Out

Signal: The left palm is tapped to the top of the helmet sever times.

Meaning: The rider is leaving the group.  No assistance is needed. 


*At a previous stop, the rider tapping out will inform both the Road Captain and Tail Gunner that he/she plans to leave the group, and at what point in the ride he/she plans to leave.

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