Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA
Chapter 527 - Temecula, CA

Frequently Asked Questions


What is STAR Touring & Riding?

STAR Touring & Riding is a family oriented group of motorcycle enthusiasts, spread throughout the world.  For more information please go to STAR Touring & Riding.

What is STAR Chapter 527?

We are the local chapter of STAR Touring & Riding (the international organization), located in Temecula, CA, and our primary intention is to have fun while riding our motorcycles.  Chapter 527 supports the STAR Touring & Riding mission statement.

Can I ride with Chapter 527 (Temecula) without joining STAR?

Yes you can, for awhile.  You can ride with us three times without joining STAR. However, by the 4th ride you will need to join STAR if you wish to continue riding with us.

What are the requirements to ride with Chapter 527?

  • STAR Touring & Riding membership (after the 3rd ride)
  • M1 driver's license endorsement
  • Proof of insurance
  • Driver and – if applicable - passenger ride waiver
  • The ride waiver includes a space for your ICE contact (In Case of Emergency contact number), although this is optional.  However, we do highly recommend that you complete this section.

Do you have to own a Yamaha/STAR motorcycle to be a member?

No, all types of motorcycles are welcome.

What requirements do I need to fulfill to become a member of Chapter 527?

Simply participate in at least three chapter rides.  This gives everyone the opportunity to get to know one another better.  You are then eligible to be voted in at the next chapter meeting.

What are the chapter dues?

STAR Chapter 527 does not collect dues.

I have never ridden with a group before, can I still join?

Of course you can.  Our rides are organized and structured with safety for all riders as the #1 objective.



Are there safety rules and regulations?

Yes, we review the hand signals and safety rules used throughout the ride prior to each ride.  You will also be assigned to a Ride Shepherd for the first couple of rides.  You will ride behind, and to the right, of your assigned Ride Shepherd, and will follow all hand signals and directions given by him/her.

How often does Chapter 527 meet and ride?

Chapter rides are held the 2nd weekend of every month, on Saturday or Sunday.

Where and when do the chapter rides start?

Chapter rides start at 8:30 AM, and leave from Temecula Motorsports in Murietta, CA.

How long are the rides?

Chapter rides vary from 4 to 9 hours.  Ride details are posted on the Rides page of this website.

Is it OK to drink alcohol on a ride?

No it is not.  As a family oriented association, we maintain a no alcohol, and a no drugs policy.

Do I need to ride with a DOT certified helmet?

Yes you do.  The State of California requires that a DOT certified helmet must be worn by both rider and passenger.

What else should I wear on the rides?

Boots that cover your ankles, and gloves are recommended.


Patches and Rockers

What is the difference between patches and rockers?

  • Patches bear the name and logo that identifies the organization.  Rockers are a curved (like a half-moon) patch that identify the chapter and the rider - name, location, etc.  
  • The large STAR emblem (organization name and logo), worn on the back of the vest/jacket, is considered a patch.
  • The large Temecula, CA patch worn underneath the large STAR name/logo patch, on the back of the vest/jacket, is an example of a rocker.
  • The small Chapter 527 patch worn on the front of the vest/jacket is also a rocker.
  • The small STAR emblem worn on the left hand side of the front of the vest/jacket is considered a patch.

Where do I get my patches and rockers?

All STAR patches are obtained from STAR Touring & Riding.  The small chapter rocker (front) and the large location rocker (back) are ordered through your Chapter President, once you become a chapter member.  You can order all STAR related products through the STAR Touring & Riding website yourself.

Are there guidelines as to the appropriate placement of patches and rockers?

Yes there is.  You can open the PDF guide at the bottom of this page to see the appropriate placement.

Do I have to have wear a vest/jacket with the patches and rockers?

No, this is not a requirement.  However, there is a sense of belonging and pride that comes with showing your organization/chapter membership by wearing a vest/jacket with your organization/chapter patches and rockers on them.

When can I wear my patches and rockers?

You can wear them most anytime.  However, please be aware that you are representing STAR Touring & Riding and STAR Chapter 527, and that we are a family oriented organization, whenever you are wearing your organization/chapter patches and rockers.

STAR Patch Placement Guidelines
1-14 Patch Placement Guidelines.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [566.8 KB]

Chapter News

The first ride of 2021 will be on Sunday (01/10, 9:00 AM), to Borrego Springs.


The first Bike Nite of 2021 will be on Thursday (01/07, 6:00 PM) at the Rainbow Oaks (Fallbrook).


You can find our mapped route under the "Rides" tab (see above).


Our current ride recaps and photos, along with additional information on our monthly Bike Nite and chapter rides, can always be found on our 

STAR 527 Temecula Facebook page.

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